Some Great Questions from the Fans!

Hey guys,

I promised that I’d devote a blog post to your fantastic questions that I received at the end of last year, so here it is! Keep those questions coming!  P.S. I have a special surprise coming up with the next blog entry I do so be sure to check back.

Hey Hyno, does your offseason workout vary much from what you do during the season, and if so how? – Rich G.
Hey Rich, thanks for the question. Yeah, during the season, our workouts are focused on trying to maintain strength and stamina because your body does break down from the grind. In the off-season, your body is fresh – you’re not as sore and you’re not dealing with the bumps and bruises that come with the season, so you build up and try to get stronger.

Henry, at the end of the year the coaches challenged the team to look in the mirror and think about what they can do better next year. What do you think you can do better next year? – John T.
Hey John, thanks for writing. I think overall I had a pretty good year, but yeah, I can get better and I’ll be self-scouting myself in the coming weeks to see where and how. One of the things I think I can work on my quickness and foot speed. I’d like to be able to show the coaches that I can carry the ball on occasion to give them another option if they’re looking to mix things up. So that’s definitely something I’m going to look at doing.

Hi, I was wondering if you will be holding any football camps this year? – Adam B.
Hey Adam, I’d like to hold a football camp at some point. I haven’t gotten that far yet, but it’s something I’m definitely interested in doing. If I do organize a camp for kids, I’ll post an announcement on the web site.

Big Pit fan here. What do you miss most about not being at Pitt? HTP! – Anthony S.
Hey Anthony, HTP! I think the thing I miss most about Pitt is not being able to enjoy the relationships I developed and the friends that I will have for life  on a daily basis like I did when I was in school.  That’s what’s so special about Pitt –they all go after  the same type of guys, and I was fortunate enough to develop relationships and friendships there that I will have forever.

How hard was it to say goodbye to your teammates at the end of the season. Do you guys keep in touch/hang out together? – Beth S.
Hey Beth, it’s always tough because we shared such a great moment last year together, so it’s always tough to say goodbye because for six months out of the year, you develop relationships and friendships with guys that you see on a daily basis. We definitely keep in touch, even if they’re not from the area. Those guys who do live in the area in the off-season, we’ll get together and hang out now and then.

Just wondering what you plan to do during the downtime until you guys come back. Thanks for answering my question. – Tara C.
Hey Tara, I’m going to take a couple of weeks off to let my body heal up and after that, I’m going to start working out – conditioning, weight lifting, and film work. I want to keep building up until I hit my peak, which will hopefully be right before training camp.

If I were a fly in the Giants running back room, what would I witness?   — Andrew P.
Hey Andrew, great question! In our meeting room, we do extensive film work, and we all have a great friendship that grows stronger every day. We’re all brothers in our room and we get in there and go right to work studying other opponents. We want to be a strength of the team and so we make sure that what we accomplish in our meeting room transfers on the field.

Yo, Hynocerous, what’s your favorite part of game day? – Tommy D.
Hey Tommy, that’s an easy one for me. My favorite part of game day is — wait for it — playing the game, of course! I love making a great block that springs one of our running backs, and walking off the field with a ‘W’.

Henry, I voted for you for the Pro Bowl. Were you disappointed that you weren’t picked ? – John L.
Hey John, thanks for the Pro Bowl love. Yeah, I was at first, but there are a lot of great fullbacks out there, so it’s just the way it works. My main thing was to just get back to the Super Bowl as part of a team, and do my part to help my team win. I always felt that if you do that, the individual accolades will come. I’m just happy to have had the chance to grow as a player, and I was extremely thankful for the votes I did receive from my peers and from the fans. 

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12 Responses to Some Great Questions from the Fans!

  1. Priscilla R. says:

    Big fan from Texas! I wanted to know how motivating is it to try and make it to the Super Bowl knowing it’s going to be in Metlife next year? Is that something you’ll think about and will use as a motivation?

  2. Lewis P. says:

    Henry, first of all great job in 2012, too bad the team fell short of the POs. With Andre Brown and David Wilson both showing some some fine running and receiving skills this past year, how do you expect the running workload to be split among them in 2013? And realistically, how many touches per game can you hope for?

  3. Lewis P. says:

    Of course I didn’t mean to exclude Ahmad Bradshaw who is one of my favorite Giants of all time – I call him the “heart” of the offense.

  4. John says:

    Henry, when the QB gets to the line of scrimmage, why does he identify who the “Mike” (Middle Linebacker) is? Does it help with blocking assignments?

  5. Robert D. says:

    Henry do you think all the hamstring injuries could be the results of improper training and stretching excersising?Bob

  6. Henry D. says:

    Hey Henry, since your dad wore #36 at mt.carmel,#27 at temple and #36 in cleveland…would you ever consider any of those numbers if available?….although i think #45 is really you….suits your hard nose style of play. it gives me great pleasure to watch you play on sundays, continued success, thanks for your time and good luck! Hank

  7. Steve says:

    Henry, Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing performance throughout the season. FB can often be a thankless job since you make other guys look great, but just wanted to let you know how much you are valued by Giants fans. Your touchdown this year was one of the great Giants highlights!

  8. Joe H. says:

    Hey Henry, Did you see my New York Giants Insider comments about you and the excellent response from the editor?

  9. Raymond T. says:

    Henry, I wanted to say thank you for your autograph picture for my 60th birthday. Also say hi to your mom and dad.

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