Excited By the Win and for Monday Night Football!

Hey guys,

I’m really glad we were able to give you a win against a very, very good Green Bay Packers team. The excitement was there all week in practice. You could just sense that everyone was ready to get back on track and prove that we were still the team to beat.

Everything we did in practice was extremely detailed and it clearly transferred over to the way we played. It started off with the run game and with imposing our will upon a very good defense. Then things started working with the passing game and Eli was able to do what he does and have a great game. So I think we really clicked on all cylinders – offense, defense and special teams.

Overall it was a very big confidence boost going into this week. Hopefully we can carry it throughout the rest of the season!

Next up for us is Washington on Monday Night Football, and we’re excited! The Redskins are about as hot of a team now as any in the NFL. It’s a big stage, and winning this one in the division will do wonders for our team and for our playoff chances. We have to prepare the same way this week as we did last week, with that same intensity and attitude.

I want to congratulate the latest winner of my signed Hynocerous T-shirt contest, Matt Spendley. We’ll be getting your shirt out to you soon Matt – thanks for entering!

I’m going to have another T-shirt give away contest next month and I promise it will be a lot easier to enter. So if you didn’t win this time, don’t worry–you’ll get another chance very soon!

Let’s get to your awesome questions!

You’ve been blocking really, really well. Which of the linebackers that you’ve faced so far has been the toughest? Thanks for your response. — David P. 
Hey David, thanks for the question. To be honest, this is the NFL so any linebacker you face is very good. I don’t think that I can pick one person out from the linebackers I’ve faced so far because they all have something special in their game that separates them from the other linebackers.

Hynocerous! We need you to get a touchdown, man! When that day comes, do you have a cooler celebration dance than row boating to Hawaii planned? Hope you score during a home game. Thanks, man. — Tom B.
Hey Tom, what’s going on? I’m not too concerned about getting touchdowns, but if my chance does come, yeah, I have something figured out, and I hope the fans will like it.

Tough break losing André Brown. Any chance you might carry the ball a few times in a game? You were a pretty awesome running back in high school. — John M.
Hey John, thanks for the compliment. We haven’t gotten the game plan yet for this week so I don’t know. If the coaches want me to carry the ball, I’ll definitely be ready!

Hey Hynocerous. Huge fan from your days back at Pitt and huge Giants fan here in Steelers country. Any chance you’re gonna offer the Hank the Tank shirts? Thanks. — Kevin W.
Hey Kevin, what’s going on, man? It’s something to think about maybe next year. Right now though I think we’re pretty well set with the Hynocerous T-shirts.

Hi Henry, first I want to say how much I admire you for how you conduct yourself off the field. I was just wondering how much tougher it is to play in the New York market than in Central PA where there is so much more media watching every little thing you guys do and the media tends to be so critical of everything. Thanks for reading! – A. H.
Thanks for the question. From day one, I was taught well by my parents. One of the first things my father, who played in the NFL, told me was to “be an animal on the field and a gentleman off the field.” That’s how a lot of people described my dad when he played, so that’s how I try to conduct myself. 

Thanks again for the questions, guys. Remember, you can send me a question at comments@henryhynoski45.com and I’ll try to answer as many as I can each time.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. There is just so much to be thankful for in life, and I hope you guys enjoyed your time with whoever you spent the holiday with.

We are so thankful for all the support we get from our wonderful fans, especially last week at the Green Bay game. We look forward to continuing to making you proud to be Giants fans.

Talk to you again soon.

Henry Hynoski, #45

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