Gotta Keep it Rolling!

Hey guys,

Sorry I didn’t catch up with you last week. We really took the loss to the Redskins hard, and we went straight to work on correcting the mistakes so we could get ourselves ready for the Saints game. There’s a huge sense of urgency in our locker room, and we’re going to make sure we do all the things necessary to finish this season off the right way to defend our world championship title.

Speaking of the Saints game, what a great win! It was an amazing thing to watch how the offense, defense and special teams excelled. I can’t say enough about the kickoff return game and the energy and spark that passed down to our offense with our average starting field position.  We ran the ball when we needed to and Eli did his thing with the passing game.

Defensively, we had some huge turnovers that really sparked the offense. And I was very proud of the way David Wilson came on and did the things he did. It was very gratifying to see after all the time he spent working so hard.

I also had a lot of fun in the game, feeding off our team’s energy. I was involved a lot with blocking and even got a carry and some pass receptions so it was a nice, fun  game.

We just need to carry this momentum over to the next game and to the game after that. You get the idea.

Right now we’re pouring everything we have into our game on Sunday against Atlanta. We’re expecting a hostile environment, but we’re planning to go down there and take care of business.

They have a very powerful front four on the defensive line, good linebackers, and a good defensive secondary. They have a few personnel changes from when we last saw them and their defense is just a bit different, but they still play the 4-3 base and they are a solid team all the way around.

I don’t really study their offense since I’m going against their defense, but I think everyone knows their offense is high-powered with the weapons they have. We just have to play sound football and as long as we stick to what we do and play with confidence and the determination that we did last week, I feel very confident.

I promised you guys another signed T-shirt contest giveaway for the holidays. All you need to enter this one is send an e-mail to with a short note telling me why you are the biggest Giants fan. I’ll pick one winner at random who will be announced in my Dec. 18 blog, so good luck!

Now on to your questions…

Besides the Super Bowl win what is the best moment in your sports career? – Joe F.
Besides the Super Bowl? I guess I’ll go with winning the NFC Championship game because that’s what got us to the Super Bowl, which trumps everything. Walking off that field and celebrating with my teammates – I couldn’t believe that I was going to get a chance to play in a Super Bowl. That was surreal to me and very special.

I am a huge fan and collected almost all your football cards from Panini last year. NONE yet this years though. Will there be any released soon?  Thanks Hyno. – Donnie C.
Hey Donnie, sorry man, but I don’t know the answer to that.

Hey Hynocerous, if you couldn’t play pro football, what other sport would you want to play professionally? – Frank P.
Hey Frank. I think I’d want to play baseball. I played it in high school and was pretty good at it. I was actually scouted a bit in high school. I really enjoyed it, but it was more of a hobby for me because my focus was football. I didn’t play baseball in my senior year of high school because I was already committed to play football at Pitt, so I ran track to help me get in shape and conditioned to play football.

Yo Hynocerous, thanks for signing an autograph for me after the game. What was the worst prank you had played on you when you were a rookie? – Jimmy D.
Hey Jimmy, what’s going on? The worst prank was one night after our night camp broke during training camp. I’m in my hotel room and my roommate was Mark Herzlich. I woke up in the middle of the night to Eli, Dave Tollefson, Zak DeOssie and JPP with a garbage can full of water standing over my bed. They poured it on me and Mark and the rest of the rookies.

Hynocerous, do you read your fan mail and sign stuff fans send you?  — Thomas M.
Hey Thomas, yup, I do read my fan mail and sign stuff. I usually do that after the season is over and throughout the off-season. I usually collect everything all at once from my mailbox at the facility and take care of it.

Hey Hyno, I heard something about an energy bus. Can you explain what that is? Thanks. — Gerry F.
Hey Gerry, the energy bus is our way of everyone on our team getting on board and approaching everything with that high energy aspect in the preparation that you should take in every game, as we did last week. That energy bus concept kind of started last week, and that’s our motto for the rest of the year.

Thanks as always for the questions – these are really fun! Remember, you can send me questions for the blog at, or just post it below in the comments section.

Several of you have asked where you can buy signed photos of me. I’ve added an officially licensed, signed 8×10 photo in my Hyno Gear shop. Take a look – limited quantities are available, so if you want one, act fast!

Ok guys, time to go back to working on the Falcons! Talk to you again soon.

Henry Hynoski, #45

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