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Hey guys,

I originally wasn’t going to do a blog entry this week, but I wanted to answer some questions that I  received from Big Blue View, and talk a bit about the roster moves the team made recently.

It’s always tough when players that you go to battle with every week won’t be there the next year, especially when they are guys that you spend a lot of time with during the season, and guys that are your friends. However, it’s part of the business side of football, and I understand that.

I think the biggest thing I learned from Ahmad Bradshaw, who was part of the running backs meeting room for the two years I’ve been here so far, is to give everything you have to help the team.

It was amazing to see how he played through injuries, and that gave me the extra motivation to say, ‘Ok, you know what? Yeah, I’m sore, but Ahmad is probably hurting more.’  I will really miss him, not just because of what he brought to the football field, but also because of the friendship that we had.

I want to do him proud by carrying on the spirit of leadership that he showed. When it comes to leading, I try to do it by example. I believe that anyone can say something that sounds good, but saying it and doing it are two different things.

I want my actions to speak to my teammates, and of course I’ll be there to offer encouragement to my teammates, answer any questions they have, and help them get ready to play that week.

I get asked a lot about my future role in the offense. I’m not sure what 2013 holds for any of us, to be honest, but whatever the coaches have in mind for me, I guarantee that I’ll be ready!

I think by now you guys know that I love hearing from the Giants fans, so when you have a question for me, post a comment, and as time permits, I’ll answer as many as I can in upcoming blog posts. Here are a few questions from the fans at  Big Blue View

What player is the hardest opponent you have played against in the NFL? – John M.
Hey John, thanks for the support and the question. I don’t think I can single out a specific guy because everyone has their own unique talents and every team uses their player personnel differently. I have great respect for the guys I’ve played against, and there really isn’t that much of a drop-off from one guy to the next. So I don’t really look at one specific player but rather groups of guys and how they’re used in their team’s schemes, and I look to prepare as best I as I can to handle the unique challenges they pose.

What do you think you’ve changed the most to show such a significant improvement between your rookie and sophomore seasons? In addition, is there anything you’re looking forward to working on in preparation for the 2013 season? – Chris L.
Hey Chris, great question! I think the biggest thing for me this year was consistency. If you look at my blocking, I really put a lot of effort into making sure my form and technique were consistent every time. My pad level was lower this year, I approached things with more confidence on the field, and I better understood how to prepare for the games.

What was your feeling on the sideline when you were waiting for your touchdown to be ruled on? I imagine it was one of the worst waits of your life! – John P.
Hey John, yeah, it was kind of stressful because I’m thinking how I did my dance and wouldn’t it be fitting if the touchdown got called back because I would have looked kind of foolish. I knew I was in, but you never know when things are under review, so thankfully it counted. If we didn’t score on that play, I would have probably been asked to lead block on the next play, and so long as we would have scored, it really wouldn’t have mattered to me if I was the one who scored or if I blocked for another running back to score. 

Thomas D and Jim C. asked about the coaches’ potential use of my skills in the offense beyond lead blocking.
Hey guys, I really appreciate your confidence in my abilities – it means a lot! Coach Gilbride is a great coach, and I have complete confidence in his game plans. He puts the players in the best situations to help our team win, and our playbook is endless with a lot of options. So whatever he asks me to do, I’ll give a 100% effort.

A few of you asked about my training this offseason. It’s obviously getting more intense each week, and I’m not where I want to be yet, but when I get to training camp, I’ll be there.

When it comes to training, you don’t want to peak too early, and I feel like while I’m in great shape now, with the intensity picking up, I’m on a great pace now to reach my goal of preparing my body for the challenges that are ahead.

I’ll try to catch up with you again as we get a little closer to the start of our offseason conditioning program in mid-April.

Until next time,

Henry Hynoski, #45

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